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Together we can make a bigger impact to end family violence. We look
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Victim-Survivors & Researchers & Experts in the field of Domestic| Family| Intimate Partner Violence, are welcome to apply to volunteer their time to become of one our potential future panelist guest speakers, at our virtual global awareness and educational, W.H.Y. Campaign Events 

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Let's Make a Real Change

How can we make a real change in 2022, to bring about real change to society? Have your say, about how we can prevent and eliminate domestic | family and intimate partner violence.


What's working, what is not? What are the root causes, what is the missing piece to turn this crisis around and save lives. How can we shift the choice of abuses to stop using power and coercive?


What support services are needed to support victims and perpetrators ? What are practical supportive actions we can take?


How do with change attitudes, behaviours, and encourage bystanders and male allies to engage more in this work?

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We Hear You 

Support Us by applying to become one of our beta phase 1 app Test App Focus Participants. We need genuine user feedback on all aspects of our app development progress. 


To learn more & apply to test our beta phase pilot app, complete the application form below. 


Thank you in advance for your kindness to take the time to apply and help us out. 


“The new lives lead by the guest speakers after battling very traumatic situations was a great inspiration and hopefully many more people will find some strength from their stories"

-Archna Y. 

"The W.H.Y. Campaign is just next level when it comes to onboarding new supporters, and authentic I should add. This is building community in a crisis"

-Shankar Kaynathan VMC Commissioner

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The W.H.Y. Campaign

Eliminate Family|Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence in our relationships, homes and communities.  


ABN: 35407572774

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