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We Hear You - The W.H.Y. Campaign

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to become a funded NFP & Social Enterprise, to provide employment pathways for victims-survivors of Domestic Family Violence.


We would deliver preventative, educational, research based informed  support services through our virtual events, webinars, workshops and a therapeutic 12-week aftercare program for survivors impacted by DFV and coercive controlling relationships.


We believe prevention is key to enable us to raise public awareness, change attitudes, bias, improve inequalities, increase education to reduce the fatality of DFV, to #oneyearzerodeaths2025, ultimately creating a safer community for us all. #wehearyou

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to champion more solidarity and collaboration among all family violence advocates, stakeholders (inc. government bodies), and community members to bring about a collective, proactive social change.


We envision a future of respectful and loving relationships, homes where we feel protected, and safer communities for all. #OneYearZeroDeaths2025

Thank you to our Global Guest Speakers 

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Global Online Events 

Thank you to all who took part in our sixteen global online free Public Events, from Thursday 25 November to 10 December 2021 -

To acknowledge UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence  against women | 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence & Human Rights week 2021


"It is impossible to be truly wise without some real-life hardship. And we cannot devlop post-traumatic wisdom without weathering and most importantly, as you point out, weathering together"  

-Bruce D. Perry


"The WHY Campaign is just next level when it comes to onboardng new supports, and, authentic I should add. This is building commuity in a crisis.

Shankar Kasynathan

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The W.H.Y. Campaign

Eliminate Family|Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence in our relationships, homes and communities.  


Phone: 0420  073 073 

ABN: 35407572774

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