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Event MC's

We are very grateful to our Event MC's that have join our volunteer family to support the W.H.Y. Campaign's mission of advocating for one year zero deaths in 2025. #oneyearzerodeaths2025   

If you have experience as a professional event moderator | MC, and you would like to give back, by signing up to become one of our global volunteer Event MC's, and more importantly this is a genuine social cause you care about, get in contact with us today to register. Thank you for visiting our website today, and learning more about what we do! We look forward to connecting with you at one of our global online events. 

Event MC's

"We must understand and heal the wounds of the past before we can move forward". 

-Oprah Winfrey

Be the Change!


Beth P


"The ability for people to hear that they are supported" 

“I found it to be a safe and empowering space. The sheer strength, courage and vulnerability of the guest speakers were inspiring" 

Bethany S. 

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The W.H.Y. Campaign

Eliminate Family|Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence in our relationships, homes and communities.  


Phone: 0420  073 073 

ABN: 35407572774

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