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Our Why

We believe in the dignity and respect of everyone equally. However, around the world too many innocent lives are being cut short at the hands of individuals, who use violence and coercive control tactics. Factual evidence highlights the majority of this crime are men who use violence by choice against their target victims, that are known as, domestic | intimate partner family - gender based violence. We want to see individuals stop the use of violence and coercive control. We all want to live in a safer, respectful and equitable societies. We want to see zero deaths. 

Our Mission


In addressing this human tragedy, we are driven to be part of the solution not the problem (bystanders) with a brighter future of a vision motivated by collective collaboration, peace and social justice. A world in which we are all equally respected and can work towards a safer society where every child, women, man (inclusive of LGBTQIA persons are granted EQUAL protection in every aspect of their personal and professional daily lives and their fundamental BASIC human rights upheld. 

We Hear You -The W.H.Y. Campaign Team, have a global mission to be part of the solution to reduce deaths related to all forms of domestic abuse and injustices, through our primary prevention projects, innovative initiatives, grassroots campaigns, to raise public proactive local, national to global awareness and solidarity to educate and promote international collaboration and much needed system changes at their roots.

In 2023, we plan to continue to bring this important social impact campaign platform to a wider audience, so we can bring even bigger impact for the greater good. We will need your support (members of the public) to make this happen. We've got the passion, purpose, commitment and drive to leave a legacy for this vision, or at least a reality for the next generation. With the support of our friends, advocates, supporters, NFP, philanthropic organisations, educational institutes, state peak bodies, business owners, corporate and the wider community, we can together change the status quo! (1 woman per week are killed in Australia) 

"Overcoming trauma is never easy but through determination and self-love, we can appreciate and understand the true value of our worth". - Rebeckah Loveday


Thank You for Your Support


"The ability for people to hear that they are supported" 

Beth P

“I found it to be a safe and empowering space. The sheer strength, courage and vulnerability of the guest speakers were inspiring" 

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